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XTERRA World Championships Maui

10732367_783128298411158_2061936817_oFor this year I had two major goals. Racing well at the European Championships and at the XTERRA World Championships. Taking the bronze medal at the Europeans in May was amazing but on that course in Orosei it has naturally always been easier for me to perform than doing well in Maui. Ever since they changed the course in Maui in 2011 I’ve been struggling to race well. If I failed for the 4th time in a row, I would seriously consider not to do that race again. For some reasons, it felt different this year and I stopped fearing that course. A course with brutal long climbs and non-technical fast downhills is the opposite of what I need to be successful. But as a professional athlete I have to be prepared for everything. Definitely if they decide to hold the XTERRA World Champs on this course, every year.


My preparation went flawless. Elisabetta adjusted her training so she could join me on all my sessions in the weeks prior to Maui. I felt strong, happy, powerful and confident. It’s the best way to travel to the other side of the world to race against the best of the best.
Aside from having Elisabetta on my side I had another secret. With BOOOM nutrition I finally figured out how to fuel right for this long and hot event. Their apple-cinnamon gels are so delicious that it’s impossible to not eat enough of them. Even at high intensities. But it wasn’t just Elisabetta and BOOOM who helped me. There are so many peolpe involved in my life, with my career. I feel honored and very lucky to be surrounded with fantastic people who’re helping me just because they want to. It’s because of them that I can do this races at this level and I can never thank them enough for this opportunities. Even the smallest contributions, a helping hand when I need it, means the world to me.

bike booom

During the 1500m ocean swim I had some bad luck, but I felt strong and that’s a great feeling to start a race. I lost some time with stupid things. If all went right I would have exited the water 30sec earlier and a few spots better. But I have to be honest, it wouldn’t have affected my overall result. 10745076_783128348411153_913417145_n


JT Swim Maui 3

I really struggled with the waves when we had to exit the ocean.10578424_783128378411150_1874899996_o

10746733_783128368411151_736288753_oMy sensations on the bike were completely different compared to all the other attempts on this course. Instead of getting dropped all the time, it was now me who was passing people. Even on the long climbs. A sign that the adjustments I made to my training were really working. Feeling strong and happy on the bike during this race means a lot to me. I’ve been putting a lot of energy and thoughts over many years to try to figure out what I have to do to be strong on this course.JT

Once I started running these happy and strong feelings never disappeared and I passed 4 guys. I think this is the first time ever that I pulled this of. My friend Rob Woestenborghs from Belgium passed me while stetting one of the best running splits. Keeping up with him was impossible so for some time I thought I was running slow. Eventually he would finish 12th and I ended as the 13th best off-road triathlete of the world. Not the result I was hoping for after delivering such a good race. I’m really satisfied with how I handled this race and I will be back for many more times. It’s a big relieve to know I can race well on this course. I can’t wait to prepare the World Championships again knowing I have it in me to race against and with the best.



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13th at the XTERRA World Champs, Maui, Hawaii

I did a good race, not a great race. Anyway, I’m happy because this is my best result in 4 editions on this course in Kapalua. This gives me a lot of confidence to work hard for next year.


JT Bike Maui

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My bike and the first days in Maui

G0010135 G0080210 GOPR0085 GOPR0090 GOPR0100 GOPR0121 GOPR0237 GOPR0241 GOPR0245 GOPR0249 GOPR0256 GOPR0258

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How to follow the XTERRA Worlds live, Sunday 20h CET


Follow the Action on Race Day


We’ll be streaming live cameras on race day from the swim start, transition and finish areas. Tune in right here beginning at 8:45am HST Sunday the 26th (adjust to your time zone) for a look into the action and listen to XTERRA announcer extraordinaire Kalei Waiwaiole kick off our 2014 XTERRA World Championship. Note: Full video hightlight and photo package will be available post race. Our full length feature show will air in early 2015.



Use #xterramaui on twitterinstagram or facebook to join the conversation or share your photos and video.



Let your friends know how you did. Get live updates posted to your Facebook page, Twitter or have text messages sent to your friends or family back home. Click the link below to register:



Follow your favorite athlete and get live results on race day. Note: live results are unofficial until verified by the race director after the event.

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