As bad as my 2012 XTERRA season went, as good were the first 5 weeks after the World Championships in Maui. After a very disappointing 26th place in Hawaii, I took 10 days off. Because I can’t live without racing and playing in the mud I started competing every weekend since then. So far I raced 4 times and I’ve been on the podium 4 times. I won an off-road triathlon in Wachtebeke (Belgium) and won 2 amateur cyclocross races. This weekend I finished 3th at another cyclocross race.

Since you don’t win races just by racing, it’s about time for some serious training. I have two more weekends of cyclocross racing and then is time for some sun tanning and huge training days during a 3 week training camp in Lanzarote. Can’t wait to go to my favorite training place. But first I’ll enjoy some more play time in the mud and snow.

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