Eat ’n train

Exclusive behind the scenes information about my isolated, solitude life in Lanzarote. This is what I ate and trained last week.

Breakfast (eggs, rice cakes and Nutella) and lunch (oatmeal) were every day the same. You can see a picture of my diner for each day. I’m not a good cook so I have to keep it simple.


am: 4h mtb DSC_0345[1]


am: 40min run

pm: 2h swim

pm: core stabilityDSC_0346[1]


am: 2h20 bike

pm: 1h40 runDSC_0354[1]


am: 2h multi transition training

pm: 2h swim DSC_0356[1]


am: 2h bike + 1h run

pm: 2h swim DSC_0357[1]


am: short open water swim

pm: 1h30 bike + 30min run DSC_0362[1]


am: short bike and run session

pm: sprint triathlon race Playa Blanca

pm: 5k run at XTERRA race pace + 10min easy jog DSC_0376[1]


am: 4h mtb DSC_0385[1]

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