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13th at the XTERRA World Champs, Maui, Hawaii

I did a good race, not a great race. Anyway, I’m happy because this is my best result in 4 editions on this course in Kapalua. This gives me a lot of confidence to work hard for next year.


JT Bike Maui

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My bike and the first days in Maui

G0010135 G0080210 GOPR0085 GOPR0090 GOPR0100 GOPR0121 GOPR0237 GOPR0241 GOPR0245 GOPR0249 GOPR0256 GOPR0258

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How to follow the XTERRA Worlds live, Sunday 20h CET


Follow the Action on Race Day


We’ll be streaming live cameras on race day from the swim start, transition and finish areas. Tune in right here beginning at 8:45am HST Sunday the 26th (adjust to your time zone) for a look into the action and listen to XTERRA announcer extraordinaire Kalei Waiwaiole kick off our 2014 XTERRA World Championship. Note: Full video hightlight and photo package will be available post race. Our full length feature show will air in early 2015.



Use #xterramaui on twitterinstagram or facebook to join the conversation or share your photos and video.



Let your friends know how you did. Get live updates posted to your Facebook page, Twitter or have text messages sent to your friends or family back home. Click the link below to register:



Follow your favorite athlete and get live results on race day. Note: live results are unofficial until verified by the race director after the event.

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Tnatura Santa Teresa


I’m currently training in Villacidro, Sardegna to prepare the XTERRA World Championships in Maui. The timing couldn’t be better, because I had the opportunity to race a Tnatura event in Santa Teresa, a 3h drive from Villacidro and the Curridori family.DSC_1548


It was a great decision to race in Santa Teresa for many different reasons. It was a well organized race by Fabriozio Baralla, the scenery was fabulous, I had an amazing strong performance and it was nice to do one more final race with Elisabetta this year before our roads will split for a while when I’ll go to Maui.

DSC_1583 DSC_1590



The 1000m swim in a warm sea went very well. Guidelli was too fast for me but I managed to jump on my bike less than 1min behind him.

swimstart 10446059_627732304014042_915005591145793869_o






I started the 20k mtb part of the race very aggressive and closed the gap within 5k. Some parts of the course were really technical and rocky and it really suited my way of racing.IMG_6527

Because I had a lot of fun on this course and I felt very powerful on the short climbs I extended my lead to 3min.


The 6k trail run was very technical with lots of rocks, tight cornering and short but steep hills. The views were amazing and because of my big lead I could really enjoy this part of the race as well.





JT finish


Guidelli finished 2nd, Fraoni 3rd.


Elisabetta finished 2nd after losing too much time on the rocky parts of the mtb course. But her 2nd place was enough to be crowned as the 2014 Cross Triathlon champion of Sardegna. A nice title to have along with her Italian XTERRA Pro Champion title.IMG_6498 IMG_6390 10697395_626583680795571_4695150192144633054_o 10697249_626592534128019_136141308377086694_o

An Italian anti-doping doctor was present and some of us were tested for all kinds of doping, including EPO and CERA. I was really happy to be tested, and to know that they test in cross triathlon. Sadly this is only my second test in one year!!! My other test was at the European Cross triathlon championships, also in Sardegna. This means that after one full season on racing in Europe on the highest level, with some top performances, I’ve only been tested twice. And both times in the same region. I really hope XTERRA, ETU and Tnatura find a way to test us a lot more to keep our wonderful and professional sport as honest and clean as I hope it is right now.


I’ll continue training in the Villacidro mountains with Elisabetta for a few more days. The next time you’ll read something here it will be from another island. The XTERRA World Championships in Maui, Hawaii are less than 2 weeks away! Yeah!



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This is Thijs / Season 4 / Episode 3

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