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My off season

Here you can read what I did between the XTERRA World Championships in October and XTERRA South Africa next week (22nd of Feb).


I spend most of this period with my girlfriend Elisabetta in Villacidro, Sardegna. We did 90% of our training together and we supported each other where we can. GOPR0795


A lot of my free time was used to create the best possible mountainbike for me. This is the result. Spark 2015

One of the many benefits of spending the off-season in the mountains is the possibility to do a lot of equipment testing. These test didn’t only result in better equipment choices, but my mountainbike skills improved a lot. Here you have a video of me doing some testing at the Villacidro Downhill track.

Living close to nature is something I’ve always been attracted to. Heating the house with real fire, working in the olive fields to produce our own olive oil, drinking water from the mountains, … All these changes have a big impact on the quality of my life. I’m feeling happy, strong, healthy and extremely lucky. I haven’t touched a nutritional supplement in a looooong time and my blood levels are perfect. There must be something good about the Italian kitchen as well. It’s no surprise to me that Sardegna has the oldest people in the world.



Training has been going great. I continued working like I did last year with some small changes. In an average training week I swim 4 times, ride 5 times and run 3 times. Like the past years, all is done without heart rate monitor or powermeter.


This positive attitude, and a little push in the back from Elisabetta, made me decide to race XTERRA South Africa just 2 weeks before the event. Without a real preparation, but this doesn’t scare me. I know I’m really fit. That fact that I haven’t raced since October would have caused me a lot of stress in the past, but I’m confident I can deliver a good race in South Africa after a Sardinian off season.


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