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MTB tires

My collection 26inch mountainbike tires. The ones on the left are XC tires, the ones on the right are brand new Maxxis downhill tires. They became useless because of the switch to 29er bikes.

And my collection of 29er tires is growing as well!


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Make, The Group

I’m very very proud to announce Make, The Group as my new sponsor. Joeri is an amazing guy with a history in soccer and motorsports. His passion for outdoor and endurance sports drove him to become a decent triathlete himself, and to sponsor me. We share the same values and the same goals. A perfect match!

And there’s more good sponsor news to come. Exciting times!


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New cyclocross bike

I’m a happy boy! My friends at The Barracuda Company handed me my brand new cyclocross bike this afternoon. They put all the parts together but the bike is a present from my new sponsor TelcoSeminar. Please check their website, they do some amazing things for other companies like Nokia, T-Mobile, Ericsson,… .

The cyclocross tubulars are getting glued to some impressive light wheels by Michel Bajorek as we speak.

Thanks to everyone who’s involved in this winter project. More exciting stuff to come!

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