Patrick Gaudy


Very very very sad news. Our friend Patrick Gaudy died after a truck hit him while he was training. So sad. To me Patke was a mentor and a friend. But he was a family man, a great athlete and a fantastic person.

We had endless talks about training, mostly discussions about training volume and the long ride. Because he worked full time and has a wife and two kids he never had the time to do a lot of training. Nevertheless, he was one of the best mountainbikers and cyclocross racers in Belgium. In the elite category amongst the professionals.

We talked a lot about XTERRA too, something he wanted to try one day. Before he became a top cyclist he was a swimmer. I don’t remember his exact swimming times, but it was fast. Under one minute for 100m free. He could have been an international triathlete too.

I got to know Pat when I raced for Barracuda, a bike shop in Wavre. He worked there from the start of the shop in the nineties. He was loved and respected by all his colleagues and all the customers.

He did amazing things on and of the bike. He was supported by many and not at least by his parents and his brother. But he would never tell how good or strong he was. He showed at the races that he was a great athlete.

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