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The crazy month of Elisabetta



Let’s say that there are around 10 triathlon races in the world who can claim that they are the “hardest triathlon in the World”. And this list is growing every year. Some of these races became classics, some never will.



Most triathletes have at least one of these events on their bucket list. To do or to finish one day one of these events.


Elisabetta did 3 of those races. In one month. In her first year as a pro triathlete. Racing her first ever ironman distance triathlon in one of those races. Best result: 4th. Worst result: 6th. Impressive. And then she underwent a breast surgery.


At the beginning of the season it wasn’t planned that she would race the Triathlon XL de Gérardmer, but in June she discovered a fibroadenoma in her left breast. Nothing bad or dangerous, but it had to be removed. She asked the doctor if she could postpone it to the second half of August, immediately after the Embrunman. For the doctor it wasn’t a problem, so this was a huge relieve. But he was not planning on working in August at all so the surgery was planned for the 5th of september. So Bella Bayliss, Elisabetta’s coach, came up with the idea to race in Gérardmer the 1st of september. The fitness from Alpe d’Huez and Embrun would set her up for another good race, since there was no time for another training block anyway with the planned surgery. And at least she would have the opportunity to race one more time in 2018, in case she wouldn’t recover in time from the surgery for a late season race.


Luckily everything went smooth and 10 days after the surgery she was training like nothing ever happened. As if she didn’t do all those crazy races and if she never went through the surgery and recovery process. She keeps on surprising me day after day.


These are the races she did in the month before the surgery:

*2nd of august: Alpe d’Huez Long distance. 2200m swim, 118K bike (3300m of elevation), 20K run (at an altitude of 1850m). Result: 5th

*15th of august: Embrunman: 3800m swim, 188K bike (4800m of elevation), 42K run. Result: 4th

*1st of september: Triathlon XL de Gérardmer: 1900m swim, 94K bike (1900m of elevation), 21K run. Result: 6th



Below you have her race videos of all three races.


She raced all the events with a single 54T chainring and an 11 speed mtb 11-42 cassette. In a previous post I wrote about her bike set up. You can read it here. I mentioned that it was a work in progress. Well, right now she’s already a centimeter lower in the front and with the help of Shimano and 3T we could clean up the front end of her bike. All her cables and the Shimano Di2 junction box are now integrated in the 3T Aeronova handlebar. Her new carbon handlebar is lighter a lot more aerodynamic than her previous alloy handlebar. The extension poles are now from carbon fibre as well. 

Shimano also provided some other upgrades over the XT components she was using: an XTR Di2 rear derailleur and an XTR 11-40 cassette.

In total the bike is now half a kilo lighter as well.


42966938_289351541886739_9103072322176155648_n 43018865_158179768452418_4936253969681874944_n 43170575_296594387600160_5252673358658535424_n


44337380_285717665380200_3092175659103944704_n 44232070_246658739349236_7186475073648197632_n

And she got even more carbon bling bling. Before summer she just had her first ever carbon frame, but no carbon components. Now almost everything is out of carbon, including her first ever aero wheelset. These are the Stan’s Notubes Avion R wheels.


They are not too deep (42mm) so the step from a more standard alloy wheelset to these aren’t a problem for her, even in the crazy winds we often face here in Sardinia.



Next race: Challenge ForteVillage, Sardinia. For once an easy trip since the race venue and the beautiful ForteVillage resort is only an hour drive away from where we live.

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